Be the Change You Want to See

Thank you so much for the compliments on the blog!  I was incredibly nervous about sharing my writing with the public, but the warm regards and warm reception have definitely made it well worth it! 

This New Years I made a Vision Board to illustrate the goals I want to accomplish in 2010.  They aren’t like other goals I have made in the past.  There is no grad school on this list.  No loose 10 pounds by bikini season or run a marathon in the fall.  Just simple changes I would like to make in order to feel more balance in my life.


My Ten for 2010 Resolutions are:

1) Save Money for a New House

2) Be Active!

3) Eat Clean

4) Slow Down

5) Compliment Others More Often

6) Read Every Day

7) Write More Letters and Send More Cards

8) Be Proactive

9) This one is a “Just for Jen” Resolution!

10) Be Creative

I’ve hung the board in our guest room, and I look at it every day as a reminder of my goals.  It may seem silly, but often just looking at it persuades me to make a sudden and simple change.  If I’m feeling tense, I take a deep breath and slow down.  If I am feeling lazy, it makes me strap on my shoes and take the dogs for a quick walk around the block.  Seeing those vibrant fruits and veggies on the wall gets my tumbly rumbling for something fresh and crunchy!

These resolutions are one of the reasons I began this blog.  This blog has provided me with the opportunity to slow down and be creative.  Many people have asked me how I find the time to do this every day.  Honestly, it is simple.  When I’m writing I am focused only on the task at hand.  I can let go of all other stressors and focus on what I want to say… and how often do we really get to do that?

I hope you continue to follow as I chronicle the challenges I face and the changes I make while trying to accomplish these goals.  I truly enjoy your “blogging” company!!!   

What would be on your Vision Board for 2010?  Do we share any common goals?  Do you have any reservations?  Encouraging words for others? 


Oh and by the way!  Even though I groaned and grumbled profusely while doing research for grad school, I thrived on the challenge!  If there are any topics you would like to read about specifically, just let me know!  I’ll do my best to read up and report back!

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