Warning: You may not agree with everything I am about to say.  I’m not asking you to.  I am simply asking you to think about it, reflect upon it, and consider it.

It is hard not to feel some sort of emotion as you watch the footage of the destruction caused by the earthquakes in Haiti.  Some feel sadness.  Some feel compassion.  Some feel despair and helplessness.

  Haitian orphans at the UN compound in Port-au-Prince.

However, I find it most diheartening that some people feel angry or disgruntled by the fact that our country has put forth so much money in an effort to aide the crumbling country of Haiti.

Yes.  America is having tough times.  Yes.  People have lost their jobs and are struggling to pay the bills.  But even still, our country is well off enough to put its troubles aside and make a contribution to help those in need.  Even in the worst of times for us, we are still fortunate enough to have the ability reach out.  

The worst days for most of us can never even compare to the catastrophic calamity that has touched so many lives in Haiti.

First, this situation has caused me to feel most fortunate to live in such a great nation.

Second, it has caused me to consider the power that we have.  We have the power to come together and to work toward a cause that helps the common good.  We are problem solvers.  We are thinkers.  We are compassionate.

What would it take to hold a telethon to raise money for local schools?  How could we use this power and compassion to raise funds to stimulate the economy that is crumbling right here in our very own nation?  What would it take to get us to come together in such great magnitude for our own countrymen (and countrywomen!)? 

We have seen that we can do it.  If we can raise over $57 million during a two hour telethon, what else are we capable of

I think the power is definitely in our hands.  We need to put aside our differences.  Forget about our anger and our grudges.  We need to come together and use our power for good

We are America.

(Ha!  I bet you’re humming “Proud to be an American” to yourself right about now, huh?)

I know this is pretty deep for a Thursday night, but it has been on my mind for several days now.  Even if you disagree with everything I have said tonight, no hard feelings!

I hope you have a Fabulous Friday, and that you keep your mittens and snow boots handy!  Looks like we’re in for a snowy weekend!


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