Bananas, Carrots and Spinach, Oh My!

I have finally discovered the perfect replacement for coffee, and it involves bananas, carrots, and spinach!  Oh, my! 

I know what you’re thinking!  Ew!  Gross!  I’d rather stick a needle in my eye!  But trust me on this one (especially you, Monica!).

Angela from Oh She Glows started a Green Monster Revolution that I just couldn’t resist. 

IMG_7981 (Source)

Angela claims that Green Monsters raised her energy levels, decreased her cravings, helped her nails grow, helped her hair grow, and made her skin glow.  Who could resist trying something that promised such awesome results. 

Well, I have to admit the first pictures I saw of Green Monsters definitely made me skeptical.  A green drink that combined spinach (yeck!) and berries  (yum!) just couldn’t possibly taste good. 

However, I was tired of drinking coffee and feeling sluggish a few hours later.  Upped energy levels, decreased cravings, longer nails and hair, and glowing skin sounded especially intriguing to me.  And Angela’s  hair and nails are so pretty and glowing I knew she had to be on to something!  I decided to give it a try, and now I am hooked!

I first tried Angela’s Virgin Green Monster, and it was so delicious!  You could NOT taste the spinach, and the chocolate protein mixed with berries and bananas was phenominal! 

Before long I was experimenting with my own recipes.  Here’s the latest creation:


-3 cups cooked spinach (cover with water and nuke for 5 mins.)

-1 handful of baby carrots

-1 cup frozen blueberries

-2 tablespoons flax seeds

-1 smushed banana

-2 scoops of Chocolate Light Muscle  Milk

-1 1/4 cup soy milk

Stick it in the blender. 



Pour in a cup and ENJOY!

Larry even enjoys a cup to go each morning!

Ours is more of Purple Monster because of the chocolate protein and blueberries, but the results seem about the same!

There’s just something about filling up early in the morning with two servings of veggies, two servings of fruit, and over 20 grams of protein that makes you feel super healthy all day long.  Knowing that I’ve started the day with such a healthy beginning helps me to stick to a healthier diet throughout the day.  I don’t want to mess up all that goodness! 

Give it a try!  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Now I am off to spend some time with the family.  Tomorrow is Pop-Pop’s 85th party and the whole family (minus Larry) will be here.  Can’t wait!

Stay warm!  Stay healthy!  Stay happy!

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One response to “Bananas, Carrots and Spinach, Oh My!

  1. Elizabeth

    that looks delicious! i’m excited to try it

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