Dog Days of Winter

The birthday party for Pop-Pop has been postponed because of the winter storm that seems to be hitting the entire state of Virginia today.  I left early on Friday, so I could miss the storm that was only supposed to hit the central and southern parts of VA.  My brothers told me the DC area was only supposed to get a “light dusting”, but as you can see this is no light dusting! 


Although I am very disappointed that I can’t celebrate this evening with my entire family, I decided to have a little fun anyway!

I dressed in a crazy assemblage of whatever snow clothes I could find: oversized snow pants, miss-matched gloves, my dad’s snow boots, and my very own ski coat.  Then, because no one else would play with me, I played with the dogs. 

Did a little “Pants on the Ground” dance!


Any resemblance????

Hahaha!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist! 

And now the dogs are pooped (Lucy is curled up under the covers between them)! 

While the dogs nap, I think I’ll drink a cup of hot chocolate, sit by the fire, and watch a movie with my  mom and dad. 

We’re having veggie lasagna tonight!  Can’t wait!

How do you enjoy a snow day?  Any dancing in the snow for you today!?!

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  1. Your blogs are the best babe…I wish I had been there with you.

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